🚨 LEO MESSI INTERVIEW (MAY 2021 with ENGLISH SUBS) 'Winning the cup was a turning point'

FC Barcelona

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    Leo Messi talked about his early life, his personal side, the Copa America and also took stock of Barça's season in an interview with Diario Olé. Here's a look at some of the highlights of the interview.

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      1. محمودمحمد القدرة

        I need play football next to Lio Messi

      2. RAHIN PS

        Because of L. MESSI Barcelona have millions of followers. DON'T FORGET THAT


        can I study in Spain at La Masia at the age of 14?

      4. It Pennywise969

        We need DEFENDERS

      5. It Pennywise969

        We need DEFENDERS

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    3. Anis Agovic

      Yes from wining CL's to wining domestic cups. But he's worth every penny or better yet 675+mill. in 6 years. Come to think of it that's enough money for building very competitive team for Champions League. But its better to relly on one man ( not that he doesn't enjoy it)

    4. Shab Ps

      Messi fan in India

    5. CharaSツ

      The real goat never bosts saying that he's the best ever🐐❤

    6. Gurveer Deol

      What a great guy literally is suffering at Barca Because of pique defense and dest fucking up

    7. lil sicko


    8. EASY PSC 4 U

      Messi fan aye malayalikal undo evide? Nammade channel onnu support cheyumo🙏

    9. 63_Nandu Krishna

      Iam barcolena fan its my youtube channel support guys

    10. junaid fazil

      Please sign N golo kante . It will help for ur midfield

    11. sport result

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    12. Deborah Luck

      💕⭐️⚽️❤️MESSI IS DIOS💕⭐️⚽️❤️

    13. Wisam Radi

      Hoy tras el final de la Champions League. Pruébelo hoy y con evidencia concluyente. El fútbol depende de la fuerza física y la velocidad. Sí, se acabó el tiempo de adquisición y Tic Tac. Cuál es la diferencia entre Koeman, que vino a salvar lo que podía hacer, y que perdió la Liga española en sus manos con equipos pequeños. Y entre Tuchel, que ganó la Champions League de Europa Hay toques de un técnico que supo, en un lapso de tiempo, devolver mi asiento a la cara europea y ganar los títulos más valiosos. Si la administración azulgrana insiste en quedarse con el entrenador, viviremos nuevos años perdidos. Nota ... Agüero, el mítico goleador de la ciudad, bajó en el 75 del segundo tiempo, y luego el árbitro sumó 7 d, el total de minutos que jugó fue 22 d. No tocó el balón y no tuvo ningún efecto en la portería del oponente. Todo el mundo sabe que el trato de Agüero es para complacer a Messi porque necesita un amigo cercano dentro del equipo 😂 Si el Barcelona quiere volver a la competición por ello El próximo entrenador será (alemán). que dependen del poder y la velocidad Y el fin de la era del tic-tac y la construcción de un equipo que le devuelva sus glorias, abandone los cumplidos y deje (a los catalanes racistas) una línea roja. Me refiero a las vacas santas (Bakeya, Sergi Roberto y Busquets). Y el campo de juego es para los que dan y dan. La entidad barcelonesa está ante todo

    14. Sarina and Kavan

      I love how Messi could have had double the goals if that idiot didn’t injure fati, and if Koman didn’t use lord goatwaite

    15. Luis Armando

      Leo nel messi siempre el mejor ya se q es tan pique griesman pero leo uf gran jugador de Argentina no soy de argentina pero siempre veo a leo en sus partidos veo a leo nel messi desde mexico

      1. Luis Armando

        Y otros jugadores

    16. Juan francisco Geraldo

      El genio del futbol mundial leo Messi

    17. rizqi muhammad

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    18. rizqi muhammad

      COME ON

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    20. rizqi muhammad


    21. Arden Papazyan Fan

      Come to Fenerbahçe Messi 💙💛💙💛💙💙



    23. Wowo

      I dont see a really big reason why he should leave. Joining a bigger club that has got recent trophies wont do much for him. Joining a smaller team is probably just for retirement. With kun coming to the team he want to stay hopefully

    24. yara omar


    25. Ronie Iebach

      For the smart president of Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta, don't hesitate, please fire the poor tactician Ronald Koeman right now, replace with a smart coach who has tactics, sharp and good attacking strategies, and has a winning mentality, that coach is Pep Guardiola. or luis Enrique, so that next season Barcelona can win the Spanish league and champions league

    26. M. Sami


    27. Commander Cody

      Imagine this: 2022 World Cup final Portugal vs Argentina. Would be the greatest match in football history

    28. Roshan Roy

      I love Leo and Antoine's duo ❤️ Such magic ❤️

    29. Over All

      Don't know what Leo saying but love to listen him

    30. Rohit D'Souza

      Messi plz plz dont stay with barcelona.. u deserve a better club.. plzz join man city.. the club is such poor club right now that they dont realise the problem with the team is defense.. but all they are dng is nonsense signings.. club decision takers have lost it completely..

    31. shalaw hussin


    32. Beyza Turan

      He has a golden heart, no doubt.

    33. Massa_MS

      I like the way messi always talk about his collective titles and not his individual records that humbleness he used to say mostly collectives are important for me than individual s❤

    34. Sauhardya Banerjee

      Messi please learn english

    35. Kelvin Ntim

      Fucking 🐐

    36. Raheem Williams

      Imagine coming outside to play ball with the other kids and u were put on the same team as messi and seeing him play

    37. sachin chandel

      The people who think messi doesn't have character or isn't a leader Should just f**k off His competitive spirit is second to none and to be at his level without hardwork , commitment is impossible

    38. V1ddV0dd JR

      I LOVE HIS VOICE! It’s just so relaxing to listen to!

    39. Nahom Zerihun

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    40. Nahom Zerihun

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    44. Chase 10

      The Greatest Player In The History Of Football 🦁.

    45. It Pennywise969

      We need DEFENDERS

    46. It Pennywise969

      We need DEFENDERS

    47. It Pennywise969

      We need DEFENDERS

    48. It Pennywise969

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    49. It Pennywise969

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    50. Tea Country

      Im a big fan of FC Barcelona and Messi but im very much disappointed coz we have wasted his prime time , it has been 5 years where we have been humiliated in Champions League . Lets build a new strong team under new umbrella ☔️ Forca Barca Love from Darjeeling, India 🇮🇳

    51. messi

      Barcalona back is not ok... Please correct it

    52. Shrinikesh Santhosh

      India loves you Leo❤️

    53. sirhc

      Defense from Barca lets everyone down

    54. afa sports


    55. Shreyas Thakker

      The fact that he never talks about individualism and wants to become a better team player everyday makes me so happy. The greatest there ever will be, on & off the pitch! Leyenda👑

    56. Budi Muhammad

      lord braithwaite is the Best

    57. Zara Zervas

      I love you wholeheartedly

    58. Abhi Kumar

      The GOAT is in the house.

    59. ᴀʟᴇᴇxsᴀʟᴅᴀɴ̃ᴀ

      Messiver 😎

    60. محمد الحفره


    61. taral -

      and he created his best story when he started playing for Barca. He mesmerized the whole world and continues to do so........

    62. Ismail R

      Everything went smoothly well, unti l 6:33, why on earth would u call it soccer !!!

    63. Alioum S.


    64. Mr PK

      "You tell me you love football, but you don't love Lionel Messi you have a Problem" - Theiry Henry 🤙🤙

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    66. Sameer Kumar

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    75. Darius Wroclawski

      I dont want him as Captain.I love him but not as a Captain.

    76. paulrol

      Inclusi antes con 45 años jajaja error del traductor en españos 00:01

    77. Hanafi Hana


    78. Pranab Chakravarty

      I am not giving like on this video because of Barcelona but for Messi. I truly believes that Messi must leave Barca for Man City because he does deserve a ucl trophy before he retires and its nit impossible but really outreach from this current team squad at barca. He deserves better.

    79. Iracema Silva


    80. Julián de jesus González Reyes

      the best footballer talking his most beautiful story of how he got to football club Barcelona 😍

    81. Wildan Kandangan

      Gak bisa bahasa spanyol


      Messi 's respect moments

    83. Mouad Balaoui

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    84. Midhun Baiju

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    85. Chandra Pratap

      He is smiling and Aguero is also coming

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    87. sahad V. A

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      1. Suresh

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    88. Basti

      The Dislikes are from Ronaldo Fans

    89. Prasaz Karmacharya

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      Por qué ponen en inglés?

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      Leo the great 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

    98. Mario Saldivia

      Porque ponen las cosas en inglés si el Barcelona es de España, se habla español xD

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    99. Ahmat nor Rhokim