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    Enjoy an intense recap of the skills Riqui Puig displays in training day after day! Check out some of the highlights of the midfielder on the Barça training pitch!

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    1. FC Barcelona

      Let's hit 12 Million! Subscribe now! 🎯🎯🎯🎯

      1. sharam.m sharam.m

        It's only because of Lionel Messi

      2. Kumar Purushottam

        Lets hit 5 ucls now

      3. محمودمحمد القدرة

        I need play football next to lio messi

      4. Áron Dávid Világi 2

        let's see playing Riqui

      5. Simbah M 7

        Barça Culers

    2. Youri V

      Let him play or loan him out. Don't wanna see him on the bench anymore

    3. sharam.m sharam.m


    4. Manoj Cheru

      I love the BGM 🐶

    5. FP Nelly SarkJR

      Good player

    6. CrAzYcOdEr 05

      BGM took my mind away from him 🐶

    7. Bro

      Riqui is the next big thing. Next modric / thiago type player

    8. sports dano

      He showed deserve be in basic squad

    9. Me Too

      With Koeman, those young talented players will be lost.

    10. maan cali

      Ruqui love to show his skills that's not good From my opinion

    11. ambesh karanjit

      He's a gem 💎 he deserves more 💙❤️

    12. N Q

      Love him.

    13. Caribouish

      Donde esta Koeman cuando Riqui hace estas cosas para que no las vea?

    14. Tiberio iulian

      te amo my nino 💙❤

    15. Shinky〆zz

      Riqui puic the next alcantara

    16. Al Fawzaan

      Little magician...eer Sorry Leo 🤷‍♂️

    17. ELK

      Better than pedri

    18. Mateus Oliveira

      Alguém tem que falar pra esse arrobado do Koeman dá uma chance pro Riqui, joga muito ele.

    19. Hilton Duarte Leon

      Riqui tiene una energía y explosividad es chiquito pero las ganas que le pone cómo muy pocos ojalá su cuerpo desarrolle más así será mejor y más fácil ciertas cosas para el

    20. Reza P

      If this kid go. I'm done with fcb.

    21. Slider

      Ansu fati vs riqui

    22. Felixio Ekpon

      Tu es trop bon pour aider le club un futur crack le véritable remplaçant de Iniesta

    23. Felixio Ekpon

      Vraiment c'est un bon joueur du Barça sauf koeman qui te déteste Ruqui tkt cette saison nous sommes tous derrière toi soit koeman va partir avant janvier

    24. TxT Clashers ✓

      And koeman says he doesnt train

    25. Sebastian Orta

      Koeman está ciego

    26. S hsjsjq

      Vaya propaganda xD. El tío no es malo pero sí que es sospechoso como presionan por él

    27. Gabriel Rochaa


    28. Chan Michael

      But Koeman doesn’t focus on him

    29. Zwelandile Juqu

      Hey Koeman would it be ok with u to give Riqui some minutes on the pitch, would u give us that joy of watching Riqui play pls

    30. Alex Miguel Choquecota Poma

      Riqui puig titular next season

    31. reswan

      This video is a click bait..just bcoz of puig..

    32. daniel_uwu_07

      Hay el riqui ojalá está temporada explote su nivel

    33. Azor Ahai

      Give this man a shot koman

    34. Harsha Dinesh

      He should get more time inside 90m otherwise he will be 2nd Bojan.

    35. AS- Online

      2:28 😂

    36. A-63Mohit Mhatre

      I think he will be the barca foden ❤️❤️💙💙💙💯💯

    37. Desai David

      I love this kid


      Every one loves him except coach. Hope he will be starter in next season

    39. MaHdi Hasan

      Love him♥️

    40. Shiva Budhlakoti

      The first dislike on this video was Koeman's

    41. Kevin Robles Arrazola

      Vamos Riqui 💪🏼

    42. Miscer Humanity

      Koeman: joder, ¿no ven lo chulo que es? A la banca

    43. Apdiaziiz Macruuf

      I hope next seoson to be first line up of the team

    44. ade irfan

      He slows the game, thats why he sit on the bench.

      1. ade irfan

        Just tell him to not drible too much.

    45. Jose mistiano


    46. Señor Don Patrón

      Xavi + Iniesta = Riqui Puig It's imperative that he plays many minutes in the Barça first team next season.

    47. Uriel Cervantes

      Ya mételo a jugar Koeman

    48. Max Benjamin

      They repeated so many of the same clips

    49. Shedrach Ameachi

      Talent ❤️💙❤️💙

    50. Lamar young_prod

      I admit he's very good in the small amount of minutes he plays but for real who is he gonna take out of midfield, obviously busquets is a better passer than him and de jong and pedri is better than him. I think he should get some playing time tho or come on as a super "not in the last 3 seconds of the game"

    51. Javi Girona

      Barca leyend

    52. samuel ayomide

      So this was actually the guy koeman said doesn't work hard enough in training , koeman needs to get checked up

    53. KIDGAMER 7

      Play him or sack koeman

    54. Rohit Grg

      Puig will not get place to play till koeman remain there. Fact

    55. Linson ichayan AKCTA

      ചെക്കൻ മെസ്സിയുടെ കൂടെ കളിക്കുന്നത് കാണാൻ കാത്തിരിക്കുന്നു 👍❣️

    56. Blue Man- الرجل الأزرق

      Here is the new messi

    57. apk apk

      Like to see Dejong , Pedro and Puig as midfield trio🔥

    58. hassen salinas

      El tío lo está disfrutando mucho estar en el primer equipo . Quizás esta sobre emocionado y se muestra algo chulo y eso no le gusta a koeman. Creo que quiere verlo callado y cabeza baja sin decir nada porque a los ojos de koeman se ríe de todo . Es un chaval apenas , irá aprendiendo roles y un día será líder y capitán del barca . Este es el tipo de jugadores que son puro ADN . Todos odiamos a koeman por esta situación indescriptible . Xavi, pep, el presi,pique . Luis Enrique . Todos opinan que es súper bueno . Solo ronald dice que se busque otro equipo

    59. Giovanni Foulmouth

      Why everybody (except Koeman) loves him: he's smol, he's a magician, he always smiles.

    60. Pavan kalyan goud

      I feel the bgm 😘

    61. Anas El Abboud

      What does Sergio Roberto do in this team, while Puig on the bench!

    62. ShashiShekhar Tripathi

      I miss Carles perez

    63. Vegeta Brief


    64. allwyn prince

      How can you not play a player like him

    65. BF being football

      R Puig is very promising player .... I like his confidence when he plays...❤️💙

    66. Nature & Elements

      Koeman est fou je pense parce que constater un tel talent et le placarder vraiment c'est inexplicable

    67. Luis Acurio

      Todos aman a este muchacho, tiene talento y lo están dejando desperdiciarse

    68. Omkar Velhal

      Barca future plyear ❤️💯

    69. ACP

      Por fin encontraste un comentario en español latino, Grande riqui

    70. Hom Basnet

      Call Koemon and show him this Video.😤

    71. Sumfhong Engleng

      Barcelona future star..... Love from India❤❤❤

    72. Clear Journey

      El vídeo es : buenos momentos , diferentes ángulos , alta claridad , debe ser más largo el vídeo , y sin música , así tranquilo se puede pasar los entrenamientos

    73. MP South-Blue

      El merece jugar con el primer equipo

    74. lxidebus kakesh

      You guys don't give him time

    75. Hanelism

      Koeaman : is this person on the Squad ?

    76. كن

      Next Pedri👏

    77. Azubuike Anadi

      Only Koeman does not love him

    78. Edwin sam

      Like kante,no one hate riqui😍

    79. Novia Elma

      Dd puig!

    80. AnOnYmOuS

      His passes are GREAT

    81. Villagómez_ Danger


    82. Antonio 09

      Can we focus on aguero

    83. Slman FaHad

      This player is best for me in Barcelona I love the way he play

    84. Biprasish deb

      Robald Koeman please watch this video

    85. ridz thefirst

      I think one year loan would be enough for him to gain experience

    86. Riyaj Ahmed

      He will be next messi

    87. Pemidu Milochana

      Hope he will be the replacement of Messi!! ❤️❤️❤️Love u barca forever(from srilanka 🇱🇰)

    88. Chady Saad

      We need depay pleas Laporta and Laporte we don't Need sergio Roberto pleas

    89. Sahil Ughade

      Look at umtiti in the background..tired without playing a match.😂

    90. Omar Dibba

      Stay barcelona

    91. Omar Jellali

      Let riqui playyyyyyy

    92. D A


    93. Kyeremeh Tv (God's plan)

      Please, you guys should inform the coach to give him more time to play... He has a great talent.

    94. Noval Apriansyah

      Jastok : driblang dribling doang

    95. Αlexαndros Μέγας

      I hope Koeman gives him game time

    96. I am me

      Yeah we saw him only during training session.

    97. André Vendramini

      Shitter than Scarpa

    98. ishrat nahed

      Best coach forever Barcelona club

    99. ishrat nahed

      Hello Barcelona my dream is play football with the club of Barcelona

    100. Lx Sin

      Koeman: This kid works hard in training. I must rest him during the match.